Chrysler Executive Chris Barman Named One of Fortune's 10 Most Powerful Women in Autos

If you were to walk into Leslie Knope's office you'd likely take note of her "Wall of Inspirational Women" right off the bat. From the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O'Conner, to the first female in space, Sally Ride, there's a lot to draw from on that wall.

Of course, it's unlikely that you'd ever visit her office, because, of course, Knope is the affable, vivacious, and fictitious protagonist of Parks and Recreation. Unfortunately, the wall of inspiration only exists on TV and Netflix. However, we admire her gusto so we thought we'd dedicate an article to discussing one of our favorite inspirational women -- Chris Barman.

Originally gaining national press for heading up engineering on the cutting-edge Dodge Dart, Barman has since moved on to become a Line Executive for the Chrysler Group. Apparently, as she's worked her way up she's taken on more and more horsepower; now she's overseeing programs for the performance-heavy Dodge Charger and the luxurious Chrysler 300.

Thanks to her work, Chris Barman has made a list much that's more impressive than Leslie Knope's; she was among Fortune's 10 most Powerful Women in Autos. Congratulations, Chris!

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