Ron Burgundy Speaks for the new Durango

The Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge showroom may not be filled with leather-bound books and smell of rich mahogany, but here in Oneonta, New York we like to think our service and vehicles are just as awesome and legendary as Ron Burgundy.  Clearly our beliefs are spot on, because why else would the greatest anchorman of all time be endorsing the new Durango?

So Ron Burgundy may be a fictional character, but in the movie world there is not many characters held in such high esteem by fans, so to have the new 2014 Dodge Durango commercials graced by his presence is truly an honor.  With a new Anchorman film finally completed and set to be released in the coming months, the commercials are a joint venture to promote both the movie and our new vehicle.

The commercials depict the horsepower, miles per gallon, style and even the glove compartment, all done so in the unique humor of Ron Burgundy.  Overall, the end result is a commercial that surely will make you laugh.

The ad campaign spans more than just television, as more content will be available in print and across many social media outlets, as well as its very own website:

There may not be a more interesting spokesperson in the automotive world than Ron Burgundy, so this is kind of a big deal for Dodge and the Chrysler family.  Keep an eye out for the commercials and other promotions as they are released, and we ensure you will get a good laugh.

The new Durango is a model you should not miss, so come check out how good we look down here and browse our inventory of new Dodge vehicles.  The legend continues on the screen and here in our showroom, so stop by, we dare you to not be impressed.

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