Safety and Preparation is Key When Off-Roading

Only 15% of people who own a 4x4 vehicle actually take it off-roading.  That statistic is shocking to us because if you own one of the awesome new Jeep brand vehicles from Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge here in Oneonta, New York how can you resist?

Most people just do not know how to properly take their 4x4 off-road, which is why we are here to give everyone some quick pointers to get them started.

The first thing you need to know is if you have the proper Jeep parts to handle the terrain you want to tackle.  If you find out you do not then do not fret as Mopar offers everything you need and then some, all of which are custom fit to our brand vehicles.

Once you are sure your vehicle can handle the off-road landscape then it is crucial you pack enough supplies and safety provisions in case of an accident or breakdown.  Being stranded without the proper supplies is a beginners mistake and can be easily avoided.

Once you have the supplies make sure you find an area that is fit to your level, there is nothing worse than realizing you are in over your head when you are already in the wilderness.  Mapping out your adventure beforehand and having emergency contacts can help avoid any mishaps from occurring and his highly recommended.

We will keep this list short, but one last thing to remember when you drive off the road in a Jeep vehicle is to have fun.  Enjoy the wilderness and power of your vehicle and let yourself go, because there is nothing better than off-roading in mother nature's playground.

If you wish to learn more about our off-road capable vehicles come by our showroom in Oneonta, New York.  Our trained professionals can answer any more questions you have about off-roading so do not hesitate to stop by and ask.

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