7 Tips To Help Keep You Safe On Your Drive For Spring Break.


Headed somewhere for Spring Break?

Before you embark on your journey from school for your week off, remember to make sure that your vehicle is safe and performing to its fullest capabilities. Use our checklist before you leave to minimize your chances of running into any problems while you’re on the road!

1.      Wipers & Lights.
         Bad weather and worn wipers are a dangerous combination. Ask a friend to help you inspect your external lights to ensure they are all functioning properly. Get them checked and replaced if necessary before you head out on your trip.

2.      Check your tire pressure and tire wear. 
          Worn out tires don’t make for safe breaking while low tire pressure can reduce your MPG. Your cars recommended tire pressure can be found on a sticker on the driver side door panel. Measuring a tires remaining life can be a little bit tricky since it depends on the remaining tread, environmental wear and other factors. The surest way will be to bring it in to a professional to take a quick look.

3.       Check your vehicles’ fluids. 
          A car running on low oil can easily lead to a blown engine especially if you are driving 4+ hours to reach your destination. Checking your oil level with the dipstick is easy enough but if you are not sure about your engines oil level, bring it in to Royal Chrysler and we'll check it out for you. Ask about the #royal4for48 deal when you come in!

4.      Check your air filters.
         A clean engine air supply to your engine will help its performance and increase MPG. The cabin air filter clogs up pretty fast and is also worth checking and replacing if necessary.

5.      Make sure you fill your gas tank before you depart.
         Nothing screams NIGHTMARE like running out of gas on the highway.

6.      Pack an emergency kit.
         Have a flashlight with extra batteries in your car at the very least. Click here for ideas on what could go in your emergency kit.

7.      Bring your car into Royal Oneonta and we can check all the above and more for you! Every service comes with a free wiper fluid top-off and car wash! Click here to take advantage of our current coupons!  

Enjoy your spring break and have a safe trip! 

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