Recall Announced for 350k Chrysler Group Vehicles

When our favorite automaker group announces a recall - no matter which models, what years, or how many - you can rest assured that we here at Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge will have all the details you need to learn what the problem is and how we can help you out. Recently, we learned about a recall that affects 349,442 units across five models. Please read on for more details.

The models in question are all from the 2008 model year and were built before May 12th, 2008. They include the Chrysler 300, the Dodge Charger and Magnum, and the Jeep Commander and Grand Cherokee. If this describes any vehicle that you or someone in your home drives, please keep an eye out for a notification from the automaker in the mail.

It seems that the ignition switch is the culprit in these recalls. It's found that the ignition key may switch to "ACCESSORY" or "OFF" during engine startup, which can cause problems like loss of power to the engine, steering, and brakes.

If you receive notification that your vehicle is subject to the recall, we urge you to contact our service center in Oneonta, NY at your earliest opportunity. Once you schedule an appointment and come in, our professionally-trained technicians will fix the problematic parts and send you on your way free of charge. Until we see you again, please keep an eye on your vehicle's performance and continue to drive safely and conscientiously.

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