Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Challenger Receive Accolades from AutoPacific

AutoPacific recently named Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Challenger "Most Ideal Mid-Size SUV" and "Most Ideal Sporty Car" in their respective categories. In fact, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most awarded SUV ever by the automotive research group! This marks the sixth consecutive year the Jeep Grand Cherokee has won AutoPacific's Ideal Vehicle Award for the Mid-Size SUV category, and the fourth year for the Dodge Challenger. Jeep Grand Cherokee owners noted in their surveys that they "want very little changed," and AutoPacific notes that this is a "testament to the excellence Jeep planners, designers, and engineers have in understanding exactly what their customers want." The Challenger owners who participated in the surveys enjoy the wide product range offered by Dodge, which means they can build and buy the exact "sporty car" they want, which improves driver satisfaction immensely. If you're ready for a new vehicle and are searching for the perfect SUV, visit us and test drive this 6-time winning Jeep Grand Cherokee! If you're looking for a sporty car with features that offer lots of driving thrills, we invite you to test drive the Dodge Challenger.
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