Defining Horsepower

Have you ever wondered what horsepower means in terms of your vehicle’s strength?

Horsepower refers to a unit of measuring the amount of work done per unit time. It is a definition of the foot pounds second. Horsepower is majorly used in the English system. In some way, this word may be used to present the rate at which some mechanical energy was expended.

Initially, horsepower was defined as 550 foot-pounds per second.

One horsepower has been found to be an equivalent 745 watts. This conversion is pretty straightforward. Conversion of watts to horsepower or the vice versa is considerably easy to perform. In converting watts to horsepower, we multiply the number of horsepowers by 745 watts. The vice versa requires the division of watts presented by 745.

Where a horsepower is used, the watt unit can also be used. Both represent an expenditure of mechanical energy. It is for this reason that only engines use this unit in the calculation of power. It would sound ridiculous if you said that a microwave produces a certain amount of horsepower energy.

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