Avoid Those Awful Food Spills During Holiday Travel

You want to avoid those awful food spills during holiday travel. We've probably all witnessed or been through it after preparing and transporting a favorite dish to a holiday event.. Accidents do tend to happen. One bump could mean your dish is ruined. One fast stop could mean your casserole is in the floor. You want to keep your favorite dish and container safe from accidents. We have tips to help out.

We always recommend using a cardboard box to house your food. You'll be able to support the container with towels, newspapers or other materials to keep it safe. You can put the dish in your cargo space. You can also consider buckling it up in the backseat. You don't want to put dishes on a seat without protection. This could mean potential spillage.

You'll also want to make sure lids are on tight. You might check the lid for potential spills before you ever put your favorite food in. You can use water to test the container for potential leaks. Our sales team has plenty of experience helping customers get to their destination safely with their favorite dish. We also have plenty of new and used inventory with abundant space for such events. You can contact Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge for more information today and to chat with one of our team members!

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