Do Oneonta Drivers Really Need Winter Tires?

Despite the fact that it can get brutally cold in Oneonta, and many of our backroads never seem to be quite plowed, still many drivers balk at the expense of dedicated winter tires. First you have to buy a set, and they typically cost over $100 per tire. Then you have to have them put on in fall and taken off in the spring.

Isn't using all-season tires just easier?

If you drive a Ram truck that you take off-road, then you know all-terrain truck tires handle almost as well in the snow as they do in the mud. However, Consumer Reports recently tested the traction of 53 different all-season, all-terrain, and winter truck tires on packed snow, and confirmed that there really is no beating winter tires.

Consumer Reports measured tire traction as the distance required to accelerate to 20 mph. Longer distances mean less acceleration and more tire slippage, while short distances indicate the tire is getting good traction. The average results for each truck tire type:

  • Winter tires: 80.7 feet
  • All-terrain tires rated for all weather: 98.2 feet
  • Regular all-terrain tires: 118.5 feet
  • All-season tires: 119.2 feet

All-terrain truck tires (especially ones that are designed for use in snow) clearly have an advantage over normal all-seasons, but dedicated winter tires far outperform them. If you want to make sure you don't get stuck this winter, then a good set of tires is worth the investment.

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