Factors to Consider During Total Cost of Ownership

Owning a car is not only about paying up the car costs. The reason why most people research on the value of ownership of the vehicle is to ensure their car choice does not go beyond their intended budget. The important factors are;

Maintenance and Repairs

The buyer has to know the repairs that the car will need and the average costs needed. The renovations may include; battery check and inspection, tire rotations and oil changes.


The buyer has to secure themselves and the car in cases of accidents. Check insurance safety policy, price, risk profile and its premiums.


The type of gas or fuel the car uses is of importance. It is better to check the fuel costs too.


Taxing includes payments for vehicle title, license, registration fees, state tax and local tax.


A new set of tires is necessary during car purchase. It is one of the sectors the buyer needs to overlook.


The rate at which a car loses its value every year is one of the expense the buyer encounters.

When visiting us at Royal Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, having a decision on the car the buyer wants is of importance. Schedule a test drive today.

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