Towing – Doing it the Safe Way

Towing your boat, ATVs, bikes or any other toys you may be exciting, but nothing can take the fun out it quicker than unexpected safety issues. By following simple DIY towing tips, you can have a safe journey. Visit us at Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM for assistance and to answer any towing concerns you may have.

Towing Dos

  • Makes sure brake lights, tail lights and signals are in sync with your towing vehicle.
  • Use towing mirrors for extra safety.
  • Balance the trailer evenly.
  • Make sure trailer tires are same size as recommended.

Towing Don’ts

  • Do not put on too much weight.Don’t rely on side-view mirrors.
  • Do not have weight unevenly distributed.
  • Don’t be brake heavy.

Once you’re all set to start your journey, call us to schedule an appointment or stop by our service center and have our technicians inspect your vehicle to ensure it’s as safe as can be.

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