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7 Tips To Help Keep You Safe On Your Drive For Spring Break.

Headed somewhere for Spring Break?

Before you embark on your journey from school for your week off, remember to make sure that your vehicle is safe and performing to its fullest capabilities. Use our checklist before you leave to minimize your chances of running into any problems while you’re on the road!

1.      Wipers & Lights.
         Bad weather and worn wipers are a dangerous combination. Ask a friend to help you inspect your external lights…
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Royal Chrysler can turn your beast into a beauty!

Why invest in a truck and then drive it off the lot with only the stock options? There are so many upgrades & add ons available to personalize your truck and increase it's functionality. We recently received requests from our happy customers to install a few add-ons to their trucks and we were happy to oblige.Take Big Black (pictured below) for example. We threw in a Bilstein Shock absorber for...

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2014 Big Game Shutout Royal Oneonta Radio spot

(Background noise... the sound of the Quarterback calling out signs on the field.)

Could The Big Game Be a Shutout, you could win $25,000 at Royal Chrysler in Oneonta.  If either team gets a shutout in the Super Bowl, one name will be drawn in the showroom on February 3rd at 5PM to win $25,000 guaranteed. Dont think its possible?  Since 2000 there have been 99 shutouts in..

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7 Tips to keep your car on the road during the winter season in Oneonta.

There are few things worse than walking out of your home in the morning and seeing 3 inches of snow on your car to put a damper on your day, right before it even starts. This is especially true with the kind of weather that Oneonta and the surrounding towns in the Otsego county get this time of the year. Then there are the iced up roads to worry about and all that salt definitely…
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