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Avoid Those Awful Food Spills During Holiday Travel

You want to avoid those awful food spills during holiday travel. We've probably all witnessed or been through it after preparing and transporting a favorite dish to a holiday event.. Accidents do tend to happen. One bump could mean your dish is ruined. One fast stop could mean your casserole is in the floor. You want to keep your favorite dish and container safe from accidents. We have tips to help out.

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Must Haves for Your Winter Car Kit


Winter is perhaps one of the most dangerous times of the year to be out in your vehicle. While accidents and mechanical breakdowns can happen at any time, the frigid cold temperatures and possibility for reduced visibility in a storm can exacerbate the seriousness of any winter situation. This is why you should keep an emergency kit in your car – especially in the winter.

Personal Safety

Your car care kit needs to contain items for…

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Royal Chrysler Winter Giveaway: Win the Keys to Winter

Tis the season do to something nice for someone besides yourself; and Royal Auto and Toys for Tots have teamed up to thank YOU for all of your support throughout the year and the holiday season. 

Entry to the Keys to Winter Giveaway is easy. All you have to do is visit our Facebook page, click the “Keys to Winter Giveaway” tab, and fill out the form on the page. It’s really that simple…

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Please Join Us in Supporting Toys for Tots

 Each year, as we become immersed in the swing of the holiday season, we walk into retail stores and businesses and see bins requesting donations for Toys for Tots. You’ll see one when you walk into Royal Chrysler, too. It’s a cause that’s close to our hearts and we’re proud to participate in the program each year.

What is Toys for Tots?

Toys for Tots was founded in 1947 by US Marine Corps reservist Major Bill Hendricks. He was inspired to start the organization when his wife could not find an organization to donate a doll…

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