Drive and Tow with the Dodge Grand Caravan

While it is good to have a vehicle that you can drive around for a long time, you are probably looking for a vehicle that you can use to tow heavy items. One such vehicle that has a lot of strength and power is the Dodge Grand Caravan.

One of the performance features of the Dodge Grand Caravan is a Towing capacity of 1500 pounds. 

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Dodge Challenger Exterior Features

The new 2018 Dodge Challenger, a popular muscle car, offers the same great performance of its predecessor’s but with a sleek new style and various color combos. Stop at Royal Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM and get the scoop on this fabulous car built for power and show.

Whoever said a muscle car doesn’t have to look great has never seen the Dodge Challenger in action. 

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Jeep Wrangler Interior Features

On the inside of the Jeep Wrangler, you will find many different features that are a big selling point when it comes to a new vehicle. It has taken a lot of thought and effort on Jeep's part, to create a vehicle that is durable on both the outside and inside, but it still has plenty of comfortable materials and details on the inside.

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The Dodge Durango Gives You the Performance Features that You Need

You have certain needs when looking for a vehicle to drive, and the Dodge Durango can meet those needs. The Dodge Durango is more than just a popular vehicle choice for those seeking three rows of seats, this is a vehicle with excellent performance features.

When you pick the right engine for your Dodge Durango, you can haul a load of up to 8,700 pounds. 

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Let’s Take a Glance at the 2018 Ram 2500 Interior Features

The 2018 Ram 2500 is a well-rounded heavy-duty pickup truck that offers a rugged and stylish exterior as well as a comfortable interior. To find out more about the interior of the 2018 Ram 2500, read our summary below.

An optional Uconnect 4C system is offered with the truck and is paired with the Largest-in-Class 8.4-inch full-color touchscreen. The Uconnect 4C system comes with a one-year subscription to Navigation and SiriusXM Guardian. 

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Dodge Charger: Luxury and Power

Since the rebirth of the modern muscle car in the early 2000s, the Dodge Charger has taken a unique path. It fills a unique niche, appealing to those that have muscle car dreams, but live in a reality that demands more practicality. The modern Charger has evolved into a vehicle that fills that niche and then some, with the 2018 model being legitimately comfortable on the drag strip and at the school drop off line. Dodge also offers packages that give the Charger a more luxurious experience without compromising the sporting heritage.

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Jeep Cherokee: Ready for Adventure

If you are ready for off-road adventure, the new Jeep Cherokee 4x4 is a vehicle that you need to see. Since 1974, Jeep Cherokee has been making some of the top adventure vehicles in America. If you are ready for off-road, check out what this new model can do.

Jeep has made a host of modifications that allow it to go where the road is rough, or even where there is no road at all. 

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The Excellent Interior Features That are Equipped With the 2018 Ram 1500

If you are in the market for a light-duty pickup truck, the 2018 Ram 1500 can offer you superior performance and a wide range of features. If you want to learn more about the new Ram 1500, we invite you to read about a few interior features that we have summarized below.

If you want innovation, you will be pleased with the 2018 Ram 1500. The new model features a Uconnect system that provides you with connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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The Jeep Renegade has an Exterior Appearance You Will Like

If the look of the exterior of your vehicle is something that concerns you more than anything else, the Jeep Renegade is definitely something that you should look into. This is a popular choice for those seeking a subcompact SUV.

The grille of the vehicle that you are driving can do a lot to add to the look of that vehicle. The Jeep Renegade features gray grille accents that add to its beauty. The Jeep Renegade is also set up with a cap free fuel filter that makes it easy for you to gas up your vehicle.

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