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Must Haves for Your Winter Car Kit


Winter is perhaps one of the most dangerous times of the year to be out in your vehicle. While accidents and mechanical breakdowns can happen at any time, the frigid cold temperatures and possibility for reduced visibility in a storm can exacerbate the seriousness of any winter situation. This is why you should keep an emergency kit in your car – especially in the winter.

Personal Safety

Your car care kit needs to contain items for…

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Preventing Rust from Road Salt


Salt is used on sidewalks, driveways and streets to melt ice and prevent the surfaces from being slippery. While salt helps people walk and travel safely, it does have its drawbacks. Since your vehicle is made from metal, the salt can cause major damage on the body and undercarriage of the car. Salt that remains on the car for any length of time can cause corrosion and rust. It can also interfere with the mechanics…

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Fall Car Care

The month of October was Fall Car Care Month, a time for people  to begin thinking about the condition of their vehicles and how prepared they are to handle the harsh winter weather. As we roll into the month November, the temperatures are getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Being safe on the road is more important than ever as you don’t want to suffer a breakdown in subzero temperatures. Below are…

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