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Do Oneonta Drivers Really Need Winter Tires?

Despite the fact that it can get brutally cold in Oneonta, and many of our backroads never seem to be quite plowed, still many drivers balk at the expense of dedicated winter tires. First you have to buy a set, and they typically cost over $100 per tire. Then you have to have them put on in fall and taken off in the spring.

Isn't using all-season tires just easier?

If you drive a Ram truck that you take off-road, then you know all-terrain truck tires handle almost as well in the snow as they do in the mud…

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Ram Trucks are Always Ready for Winter

Here in Oneonta we all know the importance of owning a strong, safe, and capable vehicle during the long months of winter. That is why this year we are turning to the lineup of new Ram Trucks.

We already know that vehicles like the Ram 1500 are perfectly suited for work on the farm and the construction site but when it comes to handling frozen conditions, how do these trucks stack up?

Well today, we…

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7 Tips to keep your car on the road during the winter season in Oneonta.

There are few things worse than walking out of your home in the morning and seeing 3 inches of snow on your car to put a damper on your day, right before it even starts. This is especially true with the kind of weather that Oneonta and the surrounding towns in the Otsego county get this time of the year. Then there are the iced up roads to worry about and all that salt definitely…
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